Cancer gene-targeted Therapy

Inhibits Cancer Growth & Spread

Doesn't damage any organ, but protects

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Most of the chemo drugs are successful just to the level of debulking, where it kills not so dangerous daughter cells and potential stem cells are left behind. This is the reason why cancer recurrence is so high.

Radiotherapy is now known to promote the growth of cancer by helping the cancer to spread into other organs by delinking the cell to cell joints (not related to DNA damage).

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Our approach is to provide a HOLISTIC THERAPY that not only kills cancer cells but also protects from the ill effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy


Cancer Therapy

Holistic, we mean to explore and exercise all-natural ways to treat cancer or chronic diseases. You would know more about various options of holistic approach of therapy in the following pages and during consultation.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy (NT) is vital part of holistic approach & is the central key component powered by .....

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Other Therapies

Ketogenic Therapy, Fasting Therapy, Low carb Therapy, Yoga/Exercise Therapy

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Cancer Herbal Therapy

Plant extracts can kill cancer cells effectively. Main problem in using herbs is pushing the plant’s active molecules inside the body at required dose for better action. It is made possible by using latest advanced NANOTECHNOLOGY formulations based on NDDS.

Levels Of Holistic Therapy

The Holistic Therapy works by intervening on three levels—the body, the emotions and the mind/soul. It helps by working on natural health, emotional healing and spirituality into everyday life. Please download the PDF that enlists levels of holistic therapy.

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