Success Stories

Brain Cancer

There are many types of brain cancer/tumors. Contrary to general belief it is not the neurons that produce cancer but the supporting cells (Glial=glue) which takes care of functioning of neuron. As the brain is highly protected from blood by Blood Brain Barrier (BBB), it is difficult to make medicines/drugs reach the site of action. Most drugs fail to reach brain making it difficult to treat with few of the avoidable options of drugs. Any resistance or ineffectiveness of to these limited drugs causes a much tougher situation.

Fortunately, herbal therapy offers extensive range of molecules having the ability to cross BBB. When combined with Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) the system offers options much easier to reach and treat even the toughest cancers. This therapy not only combats cancer but improves the drug entry into cells thus increases the efficacy of chemo therapy too. With help of this holistic/nutritional therapy it is possible to arrest the cancer progress or even reverse it.

For patients with high intracranial (inside head) pressure that happens generally in Stage III & IV, we suggest immediate decompression surgery to prevent loss of functioning of brain parts. However, the surgeon should not do extreme cleansing. The process of extreme cleansing may end up in removing some functional tissue, the loss that cannot be reversed. If the loss is acute, care need to be exercised.

Upon initiation of herbal ad nutritional therapy, one should monitor the changes carefully. After at least 2 weeks, signs and symptoms should not deteriorate further indicating efficacy of therapy. Each patient is unique and disease symptoms and response to therapy are also different. Since we don't encourage MRI, CT Scan, PET Scan as their long-term safety is not established completely, we suggest the patients to identify their own markers, indicators (can be symptomatic improvement, changes in symptoms in response to the drug therapy) to monitor the improvement. Discuss with your oncologist and void contrast scans until it is very essential. Except for surgery, contrast may not be required.

The following sections highlight some of the cases that came to CANCER HERBALIST and were supplemented with herbal/nutritional therapies.

Case 1 :

Mr. Kiran N S, Male 43-Year-old, from Bangalore suffered vomiting, blurred vision, pulling of body to a side diagnosed with Stage III (WHO)/IV Astrocytoma (GBM) at brain stem in 2011. Since it was a risky location, surgery was not a feasible option. Surgeons recommended CTRT (Temozolamide daily 100 mg with radiotherapy for 6 cycles). Unfortunately, patient could not tolerate radiotherapy and ended up on bed with Ryle's tube for feeding. He was unable to sign and his speech was not understood by his wife too. That was the situation when he had been approached for palliative care. Details:

In the last quarter of 2010 he noticed, his body was getting pulled to one side resulting in imbalance while driving bike. As no other symptoms was there, he visited various physicians and underwent many therapies, but symptoms eventually progress. In 2011 Jan, an MRI revealed a mass growth in brain stem. He was admitted to Sathya Sai hospital. The team of oncologists carried out surgery, but decided not to excise owing the difficulty and risk due to the location but completed biopsy. The reports confirmed Anaplastic Astrocytoma WHO Grade III. The mass was at the brain stem disturbing the main highway of signals into and out of brain, growing into cerebellum disrupting fine motor control. Discharged with recommendation for radiation. The signs progressed. Meanwhile family desperately tried QMR (
cytotronarthritis.htm) to resist/heal the cancer, but of no use. Radiation therapy made walking patient to drop dead and progression necessitated Ryle's Tube for feeding. Hopes were wafer thin, after oncologists explained how one by one body functions fail to seek an end.

The signs progressed to a level that he was unable to sense the taste of salt, speech became utterly noisy, unable to understand by any one. Vision blurred out, fine control to hold spoon, pen became impossible. It was necessary to obtain Physician certificate as he was unable to sign for bank transactions.

When there was no hope, search for hope was continued by family which lead to the Holistic Therapy/Nutritional Therapy at CANCER HERBALIST. The NT was initiated immediately in Jul 2011 and continued. All the progressive signs of disease halted within a week and lost senses; abilities were slowly restored. His voice was promisingly understood by his family members. MRI in Feb 2012 confirmed the arrest of progress and to the relief, the mass shrunk by around 30-35%. Significant resolution of edema enabled the brain to recover and restore lost functions slowly. Although many functions returned, his left knee was still not stable. MRI of knee did not reveal any problem thereby indicating that root of problem was related to brain damage.

He survived the threat and continued to recover through 2013. Able to eat with spoon, able to sense the taste, able to chat with children. Even the thought process became clear and he was able to guide the daughter in her studies.

December 2013, another MRI done and this time contrast was discontinued as it was only observatory. It revealed no further growth, shrinkage of mass in terms of size and density indicated restoration of normal tissue.

As on March 20, 2014 he continued to improve especially in terms of knee strength. He became able to walk independently.

Starting from diagnosis all documents are filed by us. Critical MRI data is posted below. We eagerly urge the reader not to share publicly except to patients who are looking for hope. This case was reviewed in 2015

Early 2015: He continued to recover and able to make 3 rounds in the nearby park with family. Support was minimal. He was on discrete, minimal Nutritional Therapy during 2014 - 2015.

Late 2015 November: From last few months he started showing some signs of recurrence. An MRI confirmed regrowth in size. Not to leave any option, family also tried chemotherapy, but unfortunately the whole body became weak and down. Then Nutritional Therapy restored it to full strength. Unfortunately, a fall triggered a series of events and within a week we lost our fight and our first success came to end after four and half year’s survival only by Nutritional Therapy.

Before herbal therapy

Expert oncologists team ruled out surgery, but completed biopsy and recommended for radiotherapy. Anaplastic astrocytoma with genistocytic change WHO grade III glioma cancer. Size increased is observed in one axis. But on evidence based positive note we would say that frames of image at different

Glioma status by MRI of brain

After herbal therapy

After around 10 months of herbal therapy Size of tumor after 1 year 8 months of diagnosis

December 2013, close to 3 years after being diagnosed with cancer, the subject has regained his speech, taste, vision, stability, eating on his own and is able to walk

Case 2 :

Atypical Tumor/Rhabdoid Tumor

A rare form of brain cancer typically occurs in children. Survival is very moderate for below 3 years of age at diagnosis. There is specific deletion of INI1 gene which can be a confirmatory test apart from routine tests.

Ms. Diti, was 2 years 10 months at the time of diagnosis. She was presented with signs and symptoms like vomiting, initial moderate headache became really serious as the time passed. She lost consciousness few times. Eyes lost stereo vision. After several months of agony with therapy for various diseases finally it was confirmed that it was ATRT in Jan 2013. It was such emergency, informal hand written MRI report was taken personally for decompression surgery conducted on next day itself. She recovered well from surgery to receive radiation therapy followed by Chemotherapy. Family of the child approached for nutritional therapy in the month of June 2014 during early chemotherapy days. Survival below three years of age: 11%

After chemotherapy she suffered few adverse effects. For second cycle of chemotherapy blood parameters were deteriorated and she was sent back for recovery. Her cognitive skills were hit and performance in school decreased. Her ability of speech was altered and got irritated soon. Stubbornness was increased with taste only for junk food. Appetite was reduced and food intake was affected. Nutritional deficiency was expected. Metastasis of tumor was seen towards down from brain to spinal cord. Many signs and symptoms could not be reported due to the age. She was living with chemo port all through the day and to school.

At the outset she was doing ok, but there was no guarantee of survival as they know it was aggressive cancer and metastasis to spinal cord proceeded during therapy. Deterioration was progressing, with many signs including bone marrow depression.

As the patient was hardly 3 years old, it wasn't easy to administer not so good tasting herbal extracts. It is at this time we introduced Chocolate Therapy incorporating high cocoa contents with low sugar and herbal ingredients. It was accepted very well that child was pleading for more chocolates.

She was put on loading therapy for a month and then moderated subsequently. But during chemo, the doses were modulated to provide extra protection. With the support of Nutritional powered therapy, she sailed smoothly without any adverse reactions. She continued to attend school comfortably with full energy. She was not sent for all Chemotherapy sessions to avoid adverse effects. She suffered no infections which are common during chemotherapy. Her hemoglobin didn't deteriorate further, but rather slowly improved by 10-15%. Within 3 months after initiation of our therapy, in Aug 2013 oncologists concluded to stop the chemo as the child is doing very well. But cautiously retained the chemoport. In Feb based on MRI dated 01-02-2014, Oncologists were of the opinion that she may not require any more chemotherapy (in general aggressive cancer is expected to regrow). Contrary to the expectations, even the remaining tumor was also resolved and not detected in contrast MRI. Thus, the chemoport which was retained for further therapy was removed making the child completely free of hassles with normal child feeling.

She was doing very well even in March 2014 and her sight seemed to be improving indicating rewiring of Neurons. Diffused Cerebellar Atrophy which was observed in Feb MRIwas supposed to be regenerated by next MRI scheduled after 6 months. Therapy was continued from June 2013 and expected to continue till next MRI.

Jan 2017
The child is doing good in school and considered Normal, the biggest advantage of NUTRITION THERAPY. The latest MRI confirms NO RELAPSE after almost 3 years.

MRI Feb 2014: Child suffering from ATRT (P1)

MRI Feb 2014: Child suffering from ATRT (P1)

Child suffering from ATRT (blood report)

Child suffering from ATRT (chemotip found to be sterile)

Child suffering from ATRT

April 10th 2015, MRI showed no recurrence and child is doing very well like any normal child even after several cycles of Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. NT started after 2nd CT in 2013. Copy of MRI will be posted here as soon as we get a copy.

Case 3 :

Geetha, a 48-year-old female suddenly diagnosed with blurred vision and inability to stand. She was initiated with Nutritional therapy along with Chemotherapy and special monoclonal antibody Avastin (No observable benefit was noticed till Feb 2014 since approved date Feb 2013). Although there was dramatic recovery within few months to near normal, Avastin induced continued hemorrhage tilted the balance. She went into coma and she was been discharged from hospital for palliative care and family of patient decided to stop all therapies and give her the final freedom.

She finally gave up as severe hemorrhage in brain leading to huge edema (the pressure was so high; fluid was emanating from the surgery site) resulted in concussion of brain. Surgical oncologists rejected the surgical decompression and nothing on this earth could do miracle in such situation.

Lesson: Avastin proved again that it was of little help in GBM. Benefits were lesser and associated risk and cost involved were high.

Case 4 :

Family approached CANCER HERBALIST for therapy when a male patient aged around 60 years with GBM, was almost in coma with hardly any communication. Although nutritional therapy was given for few weeks through Ryle's tube, we couldn't document recovery except in few occasions. It was first such case where we could not use much options. Although we managed for a month, fate defeated us.

Case 5 :

Sai Raksha, 6-year-old girl from Bangalore was diagnosed with Pontine Glioma, Stage IV. As per the doctors she had 3-6 months. They approached CANCER HERBALIST during chemo cycles and nutrition therapy was initiated immediately. Response was very good and she recovered well. She was able to go to school and learn as others. Unfortunately, there were some low times during CTRT. Although, we are aware of radiotherapy’s role in metastasis, main stream therapy is best practiced. During these times she has been put on Wyselone (corticosteroids which reduce inflammation). They are good in relieving symptoms initially and increase the efficacy of Temozolamide; later the effect is weaned off. There comes problem, steroids are most potential immunosuppressant which is opposite to our approach of immunostimulation. NT also was stopped during these days. Mar 2014 almost 8-9 months later she gained wt nearly 20-30% (weight gain might have been to the result of fluid accumulation due to steroids). She slowly slipped off to coma in a week. Although her father-initiated NT again, it was too late and couldn't be saved. Major learning from this case: Although steroids help initially, ultimately, they become detrimental. It is better to manage without steroids or at least they should be discontinued as early as possible. Also, nutritional therapy should be continued to stimulate the immunity which is suppressed by steroids.

Lesson: No magic works. Even NT has limitations. Patient need to act as early as possible as the cells keep dividing every moment releasing bad chemicals and spreading.

Esophageal Cancer

A patient was diagnosed from esophageal cancer during the evaluation of dysphagia. He underwent transthoracic esophagectomy in April 2015. Later developed stricture for which dilatation procedure was carried out. Later August 2015 lymph nodes around neck got swollen and cancer confirmed by Histopathology and PET-CT.

Finally, oncologists and family members discussed together to reach an understanding that palliative care was the best possible option. Thus, palliative chemotherapy was planned with Paclitaxel and Carboplatin (well known chemotherapeutic agents to cause new Cancer in patients).

Nutrition Therapy

This was the time NT was introduced and was given along with chemo. The results are displayed below. As of Mar 16, he is doing well with no clinical signs of cancer which is confirmed by whole body PET-CT SCAN. We at CANCER HERBALIST wish him happy long life.

Uterus Cancer

A 65-year-old patient got treated in previous years for uterus endometrial cancer. After months, the cancer recurred with metastasis to liver, peritoneum, lymph nodes, colon AND pelvis. As it was relapse and metastatic in nature it was concluded that it is end and not possible to regress again. The case was categorized as palliative and palliative chemo therapy was proposed.

At this point of time, her family was desperately looking for alternate options to provide a possible relief and save the beloved mother. The family approached CANCER HERBALIST and after a brief review, the nutrition therapy was initiated to provide maximum protection. After the initiation of NT, at one week, chemo was continued. The recent copy of CT Scan can be seen below.

Results as on Dec 2016: The regression was remarkable up to 50% in most places. Overall improvement was seen with the rise of energy levels. Became more independent and self-reliant. The wound healing rates improved and need of family members support also decreased.

Major advantage of nutritional therapy from CANCER HERBALIST were evident in this case:

  • Reduced chemo side effects
  • No strain, no vomiting sensation
  • No hair fall after initiation of nutrition therapy
  • Improved sleep

Prostate Cancer

Male aged 74 years old suddenly started losing weight with reduced appetite. Many visits to physicians got redirected and finally reached to oncologists confirming prostate cancer. One of the atypical cases of prostate cancer where majority of the symptoms were absent initially except increased PSA and enlarged prostate. Thus, it took longer time and more tests to confirm the same.

Soon after the diagnosis of prostate cancer the family was in dilemma whether to opt for surgery/chemo/radio or look for alternative treatment options. Considering his age and low outcome of chemotherapy coupled with low quality-of-life, they decided to look for genuine alternate therapy options. They finally reached CANCER HERBALIST and opted to initiate nutrition therapy immediately.

Although he got relieved to an extent initially with improved clinical signs, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) levels didn't decrease even after a month of nutrition therapy. CANCER HERBALIST indeed suggested the family to review the options for CT or surgery. As prostate cancer was not life threatening so quickly and he was improving they decided to wait and see as many patients has reported improvement after 2 months with Cancer Herbalist. Their faith did not deceive and gradually high PSA levels started lowering towards normal from 443 to 55 ng/ml.

Finally, PSA reached almost ZERO and may be termed as complete regression as on 03 Nov 2016 after 5 months of nutrition therapy.

Rectal cancer

Name of Cancer: Rectal Cancer
Age of Person: 58 years
General Health status at the time of diagnosis: Good
Treatment suggested by oncologist: Radiation, surgery and chemo
Treatment completed: Only Radiation, no chemo, no surgery
Level of Adverse effects suffered: Severe

Cancer Herbalist

  • Reason for Choosing Nutrition Therapy: Severe pain due to radiation
  • Response for Nutrition Therapy: Excellent
  • Response in Brief: Pain associated with radiation disappeared in few days.
  • Additional benefits: Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) improved. Better health than before cancer was diagnosed
  • Duration of treatment: Regular 3 months, followed by reduced doses
  • Status: Complete regression confirmed by Sigmoidoscopy

Rectal Cancer affects the terminal part of the intestine. The nearby important structures, sphincters are essential for regulating defecation as per the will. Regular standard therapy involves surgery followed by chemo/radiation. The surgery involves removal of the length of the intestine affected and provide chemo to address the left over along with radiation. Radiation causes severe injury to the sensitive parts and causes severe inconvenience till it gets healed.

Although surgery can remove major chunk, neither surgery nor radiation can remove metastasis. In fact research on surgery and radiation have confirmed that they promote metastasis (spreading of cancer to other organs) and inflict new cancers. Thus, Chemo is only option, but its poor response may result in recurrence.

In this case, the patient did not want to go under knife and choose radiation along with nutrition therapy. After 2 months of nutrition therapy, the results were promising.

As of now the patient is completely free from signs and symptoms of the Cancer and is leading normal life. Additional benefit was improvement in IBS.

Complete Regression

Sigmoidoscopy: Seeing inside the colon with the help of camera confirmed very good healing. Oncologist felt that regular checkup was not required and suggested to visit after 1 year. This confirms the efficacy of natural holistic nutrition therapy from CANCER HERBALIST.

Breast Cancer

Lady over aged 70 years from Mysore in March 2014 started palliative care as the metastasis from breast cancer (post-surgery). She started nanotechnology-based formulations and albeit bit late recovered (due to age & associated co-morbid conditions) response was positive.

Update: 01-11-2014: She is independent and able to do daily chorus and walk across the road to friends’ houses and temples.

Failures: There are many causes for failure, we try documenting them and try to prevent them in future.

Other Successful Cases

  • Case 1: Mr. Anburaj, an adult from lower economic strata, aged around 32 years was a chronic alcoholic with drug abuse history. When he visited first, he was unable to sit longer time, not able to hold glass of water. He was very thin, lean, with bloated stomach due to ascites. His urine and feces were black colored. Within 3 days of initiating the nutritional therapy, the color of urine and feces started changing to light yellow. His appetite increased, tiredness reduced, he was able to walk and speak better.
  • Case 2: Another 59-year-old gentleman with chronic alcoholism of 25-30 years with mild ascites, but unable to get up or walk accompanied by weight loss. Within one course of therapy, he was able to walk, sleep, eat better. As on April 10 2014 he was continuing with therapy.
  • Case 3: Mr. Suresh Hegde aged around 60 years suffering from Hepatitis B, mild steatosis, and Chronic liver disease (CLD) had given up and was suggested palliative care. Nutrition therapy was able to reverse Jaundice and improved many parameters in about 3 days. Unfortunately, patient was not under ICU and poor medical supervision resulted in poor regulation of electrolytes leading hyperkalemia resulting in death.

Cirrhosis - A chronic liver disease

Liver is a wonderful and powerful organ. Liver is made of special structures with very high blood supply both from intestine and heart. Due to its immense self-regeneration power not much of liver diseases are seen in routine. It means if you see a disease of liver, you can understand, that liver has failed in its power to repair and regenerate itself due to chronic attack of infection or abuse of drugs like alcohol.

As more chemicals are synthesized for human use, the threat on human body also increased. We have already synthesized several millions of chemicals which never existed in nature. Nano technology based many chemicals have only amplified the threat. Many of these chemicals along with routine pollutants have only aggravated the Liver problems who consume alcohol. Chronic alcoholism has proved to be a threat to Liver.

When liver cells are continuously attacked and killed frequently it initiates emergency repair called fibrosis which doesn't have original tissue and function. Before reaching fibrosis there are several reversible stages like steatosis, ascites, inflammation, infection.

When liver loses its architecture, contents are spilled and you observe jaundice. As the liver reduce its functional ability you will start seeing functional alteration in body like loss of weight, loss of appetite, indigestion, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, infections, ascites, bloated stomach, muscle wastage, breathlessness, tiredness, anemia etc. Many people in India ignore it until they reach final stage.

Therapy: Unfortunately, allopathy doesn't have solution for this complex chronic disease but nature has beautiful options like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Andrographis, Phyllanthus, Silymarin etc. Many herbs using frequently has beneficial effects on liver. Although they can help at early stage, the final stage requires meticulous planning with selection of herbs or extracts, their doses, formulations, etc. to achieve best therapeutic outcome.

Frequently when patients improve in their signs and symptoms, they stop continuing the therapy. Hence it is not an easy task in routine, we can collect and update all cases.