Cancer Therapy

Holistic, we mean to explore and exercise all-natural ways to treat cancer or chronic diseases. You would know more about various options of holistic approach of therapy in the following pages and during consultation with our experts. We would help you to learn about chemotherapy / radiotherapy limitations, side effects and ways to limit them as in many cases chemotherapy kills a patient before cancer does.

At Cancer Herbalist, a therapy is based on various factors including patient’s present stage of cancer, health condition, blood parameters, etc. The following table provides currently available options at Cancer Herbalist and the upcoming planned options:

Currently available therapies Upcoming options
1. Nutritional Therapy 1. Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy
2. Ketogenic Therapy 2. Hyperthermia
3. Fasting Therapy 3. Acupuncture
4. Low carb Therapy 4. Acupressuret
5. Yoga / Exercise Therapy 5. Homeopathy

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrition plays vital role in any disease; simple spices like turmeric, ginger, tea leaf has high potential to treat cancer. Nutritional Therapy (NT) is vital part of holistic approach and is the central key component powered by nanotechnology-based formulations.

Curcumin from turmeric is the only option that has been proved to act on cancer stem cell (CSC), whereas most of the drugs used in chemotherapy would not even reach these cells. These clearly explains the benefit of curcumin-based therapies. A number of studies published worldwide have highlighted the benefits of curcumin-based therapies. A brief description could be accessed at downloads section

NT utilizes common spices such as turmeric, ginger, pepper and herbs like tulsi, ashwagandha etc., fruits like grapes, tomato, amla and nutrients such as CoQ10. The risk with NT is very low compared to chemo/radio/surgical therapy. The nutritional options can be combined with chemotherapy (CT)/radiotherapy (RT)/surgery to reduce the:

  • Surgical complications
  • Surgical infections
  • Chemo resistance
  • Chemo cycles
  • Adverse reactions of CT/RT
And to increase the:
  • Sensitivity to chemotherapy
  • Vulnerability of cancer cells
  • Organ health and overall health
  • Blood and hemoglobin

You can always review to start/stop NT anytime, without restrictions. One can easily tilt the table towards life. If you opt to include CHOCOLATE THERAPY, joy is yours

Advantages of nutritional therapies

Although the cases are not thoroughly researched, we indeed have observed a great improvement in hematological (blood) parameters of patients with nutritional therapy. Many a times better than normal range. Figure 1 is one such result of hemoglobin result after double verification from the lab. The improvements of the Nutritional Therapy could be easily identified based on our experience.

In most cases cancer patients have never been sent back from scheduled Chemo or Radio therapy due to poor blood tests results. Whereas, we have suggested all patients to postpone the chemo or radiotherapy by at least 3-5 days so that Nutritional Therapy shall have good protection and protect body organs by the day of chemo therapy.

We have also observed that the number of chemo cycles required to declare sign free are as predicted most of the times. Rarely cycles are extended. It is also observed that patients exhibit good tolerance to chemo agents during Nutrition Therapy, such that oncologists have frequently increased the dose of chemo agents.

In a case Dwipen Das 24 years old just married having Lymphoma never saw ICU after initiation of Nutritional Therapy. Check out more details here

Figure 1. The MRI (A) and complete blood counts. (B) Clearly show the improvement with the use of herbal/NT. The details of the patients have been masked to protect privacy

Other Therapies

Ketogenic Therapy

In Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), we use glucose for detection of cancer. It is approved concept that cancer mass has hyper metabolic activity and the radioactive glucose gets accumulated in such places, indirectly indicating cancer tissues. If we replace this basic requirement i.e., glucose as energy source by fat (ketone producing), the cancer cells would be starved and our fight will be more fruitful. After preliminary education about the concept, patient can decide to adapt the same. We provide support and counselling with literature.

Fasting Therapy

Bad immunity is responsible for outgrowth of cancer. How to remove worn out, non-functional, defective immune cells? Fasting is one such modality to deal with it. Guidance shall be given towards the same. Fasting has been proved to reduce CTRT induced side effects too. Of course, it may require medical supervision in some conditions.

Low carb Therapy

When you know the role nutrition can play in cancer, understanding the concept of low carb diet becomes very easy. A low carb diet not only supports recovery from cancer, but also enhances longevity and gives freedom from many other diseases.

Yoga/Exercise Therapy

If you are aware that your sadness can affect your hunger, then understand mind is the super power. Yoga and exercise are two means by which you can exercise powers on your body. We give scientific evidence-based advice to patient, attendants and their caretakers on the indispensable role of yoga/exercise for a healthy disease-free life.