About Us

The Inspiration

Most of the chemo drugs are successful just to the level of debulking, where it kills not so dangerous daughter cells and potential stem cells are left behind. This is the reason why cancer recurrence is so high.

Radiotherapy is now known to promote the growth of cancer by helping the cancer to spread into other organs by delinking the cell to cell joints (not related to DNA damage).

Being a senior Pharmacologist, Chief consultant Prof. Ramesh has adapted safe Natural Nutrition Pathway. These nutritional formulations formulated under the able supervision of Ayurveda professionals not only fight Cancer, but protects heart, kidney, brain and other vital organs. These additional organ protective benefits make them suitable to use even with chemo or radiotherapy. Thus, nutritional formulation could be used safely along with the current chemo-radiotherapy.

Our approach is to provide a HOLISTIC THERAPY that not only kills cancer cells but also protects from the ill effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

Why Cancer Herbalist?

Cancer Herbalist is a place where science meets tradition. Unlike other herbal therapists, the Cancer Herbalist evolves with the latest on Clinical research, preclinical research, molecular studies, receptor concepts, pathology, onco gene studies, epigenetical understanding of cancer disease and herbal extracts. This ensure that the therapies at Cancer Herbalist work on the same pathways what modern science depends on. We at Cancer Herbalist emphasize mainly on Nutrition Therapy with sole objective of

  1. Downregulating the Pro-oncogenes
  2. Upregulating the anti-oncogenes
  3. Anti-angiogenesis (VEGF)
  4. Promoting Apoptosis
and so on....

Basis of NT

Nutrition Therapy at Cancer Herbalist is a dynamic program based on the latest research. The formulations shall be prepared with continuous optimisation comprising powerful herbs

  • Directly acting on Cancer gene expression
  • Modulating Immune system
  • Protecting vital organs to fight cancer more effectively

Why NT is a better option ?

Herbs are in general safe even at high doses. They do not target one receptor like synthetic chemicals, but wide range which makes them better choice even when all other options fail.

Our achievements / milestones